Welcome Remark

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL) Expo in November 11-13 in Seoul, South Korea this year.

저는 올해 11월 11~13일까지 한국에서 개최되는 아시아 태평양 컨택센터 단체장 협의회 EXPO에 기쁜 마음으로 환영합니다.

This is the event to attend for the contact centre industry in Asia Pacific. In the past, This Expo had been held in various cities including Beijing, Kula Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Manila. In the past, our delegates rated the expo highly in terms of networking, learning about best practices and getting to know new friends.

본 행사는 아시아 태평양 지역 컨택센터 산업 관계자들이 참여하는 산업 축제입니다. 본 EXPO는 베이징, 쿠알라롬프르, 홍콩, 자카르타, 마닐라 등에서 개최되어 왔으며, 참가자들은 네트워킹, 베스트 프렉티스 학습, 새로운 문화와 친구를 만나는 데 높은 평점을 주었습니다.

One of the highlights will be the recognition of award winners from our Associations.  We will be honoring these organizations and individuals who are leading the way in creating a unique customer experience based on their ability to listen, learn and respond with their passion.

본 EXPO는 각국에서 추천한 수상자 또는 단체들을 수상 하는데, 이들 수상자들은 열정적으로 고객의 의견을 청취하고, 배우고, 그리고 응답하는 독특한 고객 경험을 창출하는 선구자들입니다.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Ki Ju Cheong, Chairman of Callcenter Industry Information Centre (CIRC) in South Korea for hosting this exciting event this year. He and his members has planned a series of activities including keynote by an industry veteran, Mr. Brad Cleveland, cultural tour and call center site visits. For more details, please visit our web site at www.apcal.org or consult with your association chairman in your country.

저는 이 자리를 빌려서 이렇게 훌륭한 행사를 주관하는 한국 전남대 CIRC 소장인 정기주 교수에게 축하를 드립니다. 또한, CIRC 스탭들은 업계 전문가인 Brad Cleveland 초청 특강, 주요 주제 강연, 세션 발표, 문화 연수, 콜센터 방문 연수 등을 성공적으로 기획하였습니다. 구체적인 행사 정보는 www.apccal.org 나 각국 협회에 문의 바랍니다.

I would like to encourage you to attend this Expo and build upon opportunities for customer service profession and call center businesses to achieve world class standard through mutual sharing. I look forward to welcoming you to South Korea in November

저는 고객서비스 전문가로서 성장의 기회를 모색하고 경험의 상호 공유를 통해 콜센터 운영 과정이 글로벌 표준에 부합하도록 본 EXPO에 적극 참여 할 것을 권유 합니다.  그럼,11월에 한국에서 뵙기를 기대합니다.

Sidney Yuen
Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL)

sidneySidney Yuen – Chairman, APCCAL

Building on over twenty five years of executive experience in formulating and articulating strategies and improving processes for organizations in Asia. Sidney partners with clients to transform and capitalize on their customers’ experience. As a highly sought management consultant and keynote speaker, Sidney has garnered critical market and analyst acclaim specializing in market entry, technology, outsourcing, customer management, process innovation and organizational and talent development.

지난 25년 동안 아시아 지역의  수많은 기업들의  전략과 운영 혁신을 컨설팅 하면서 ,  Sidney의장은  고객경험 들을 자산화 하는 프로젝트를 진행하여 왔다. 저명한 컨설턴트 및 키 노트 스피커로서 Sidney씨는 시장 진입, 기술, 외주, 고객관리, 프로세스 혁신, 조직 및 인력 개발 분야에 특화  하면서  핵심 시장 육성과 분석을 하였다.

Previously Sidney was managing director, Greater China at NorthgateArinso, the world’s largest HR outsourcing company and Head of Consulting, Asia Pacific at Convergys Corporation, the world’s largest Contact Centre Outsourcing Company. Prior, he served as a founding director to Andersen’s Change management practice for Greater China. In his combined consulting experience, Sidney has helped the majority of Multinational companies and others to develop market entry strategy and execution plans. Prior to his consulting career, Sidney was Executive Vice President at Systek Technology- a Hong Kong Listed company, Head of Quality & Customer service at American Express and Training manager at BAT and the Swire Group- Parent of Cathay Pacific Airways.

Sidney씨는 세계에서 가장 큰 HR 기업인 Greater China사의 임원, 세계에서 가장 큰 콜센터 외주기업인 Convergys사의 컨설팅 담당 임원을 역임하였다.  그 이 전에는 Anderson Consulting 사의 Greater China사 담당  변화 담당 임원을 역임하였다. 이러한 그의 컨설팅 경험을 기반으로  다국적 기업들의 시장 진입 전략 수립과 수행 계획 수립을 지원하였다. 컨설팅 커리어 시작 이전에는  Systek 사 (홍콩 상장 기업)의 수석 부사장, American Express에서 품질 및 고객서비스  팀장, AT&T와 Swire 그룹 (Cathay Pacific Airway사의 모기업)에서 훈련 담당 매니저로 일하였다.

Sidney is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Customer Management UK, Editor in Chief of the Best Practice Management Magazine and he also served as Chairman of Institute of Personnel & Development, Hong Kong Management Association’s Quality Award Board of Examiners and the Distinguished Salesperson Award.

Sidney씨는 영국에서 발행되는 International Journal of Customer Management의 편집위원으로 봉사하며, Best Practice Management 의 편집 위원장이자, 인력 개발 연구원의 의장이다. 또한 , 홍콩 경영자 협회의 픔질 수상 및 우수 판매원 상 수상관이다.

Sidney serves as an outsourcing advisor to the Chinese Government. He also serves on the Board of the HK Academy of Gifted Education. Besides chairing the Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leader (APCCAL), he is also chairman of The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals-HK (IAOP) and China Windmill Foundation – a registered charitable organization.

Sidney씨는 중국 정부의 아웃소싱 분야에  자문을 하여 왔으며, 또한 홍콩 재능교육학외의 이사이다. 또한,  APCCAL 의장이자, 홍콩의 국제 아웃소싱 전문가 협회 의장이다.  그리고, 홍콩의 등록된 조직인 중국  풍차 재단의 이장이다.

Sidney grew up in Ireland during the 70s. He received his high school and university education in Ireland and received his MBA and a postgraduate qualification from Hong Kong. He is an Adjunct Professor for the Shijiazhuang University of Economics in China and sits on the board of MBA program of The Shanghai University.

Sidney는 70년대에 Ireland에서 성장하였으며,  Ireland에서 고등학교 및 대학교육을 받았으며, 홍콩에서 MBA및  기타 Post 학위들을 받았다. 그는  중국 Shijzhuang 대학의 경제학부의 겸임교수이자 상하이 대학의 MBA 프로그램 이사회의 이사이다.


APCCAL : Collaborate For Better Results

In early 2008 a meeting was hosted by the emerging Call Centre Association of China (CNCCA) to promote greater regional dialogue and knowledge sharing amongst the Call Centre industry associations within the Asia Pacific region. It was recognized that cooperation amongst regional associations would help to promote Asia Pacific as a location for Contact Centres.

One of the outcomes of the meeting was the creation of a regional association – The Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL) a body with representation from associations located in 11 Asia Pacific Countries / Cities, namely Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

APCCAL is the largest association in Asia to help members, governments, outsourcers, research firms, solution providers in enhancing their results through best practice knowledge, award recognition and various collaborative initiatives.

It is estimated that through the APCCAL associations membership that they cover some 2,500 organisations who occupy about 1.5 Million seats and employ over 2 Million contact centre professionals.


At APCCAL, we believe that the best way to improve customer experience for our members is to tap the collective knowledge and insights of our members. We aspire to provide leadership in the contact centre community through fostering teamwork, creating global networks, providing authoritative source of information and promoting Asia Pacific as a preferred location for contact centres. As a result, APCCAL is developing an array of services to fit various needs of our members and stakeholders. See the examples below for a quick guide:

Member organizations

  • Recognize your Award Winners at the Annual APCCAL Awards
  • Sharing best practices among members through cross boarder site visits benchmarking, seminars and regional networking

Providers and advisors

  • Support your needs and help you sustain your position through promoting your products and services to our conferences, awards and networking opportunities.
  • Provide you with better understanding of your clients’ needs in various countries so that your business development opportunities will be enhanced.