Message from the Chairman (2016-2018)

It is an honour and a privilege for me to be appointed Chairman of the Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL) for 2016 through 2018. In accepting this responsibility, my thoughts turn first to my predecessor and good friend, Andi Anugrah. He has completed his term with success that I now will also commit myself to the collective effort of promoting the goal of the greater collaboration and best practices sharing in delivering exceptional customer experience in Asia Pacific amongst member countries of APCCAL & the region. This is clearly of the essence when considering the partnership between the 11 country associations forming APCCAL. Huge progress has already been achieved in ensuring seamless sharing of best practices in that direction and the work continues.

The upcoming APCCAL EXPO in Bangkok will prove the success of this association at a new milestone whilst showcasing APCCAL as how it was envisioned 10 years ago. We will be focusing on the market transition, technology and digitisation of customer experience in the industry.
With a Connected Digital Customer Experience, it enables companies to deliver contextual, continuous and capability-rich journeys for their customers. The differentiated and relevant service coupled with effortless experience for customers as and when they need it or where they prefer, should be the aspiration of all organisations regardless of size and geography.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I shall commit myself, together with the new Vice Chairman of APCCAL, Byron Fernandez and fellow APCCAL leaders, to promote the vital work carried out by this association and to being ambassadors around the world for the goal of high quality Contact Centres and Customer Experience.

Yours Sincerely,
Kenneth Chong
Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL)

Chairman Speech

Welcome to APCCAL’s website.

APCCAL is an association of Associations across Asia Pacific. It was established in 2007 with objective to promote greater dialogue and knowledge sharing amongst the contact centre industry associations within the Asia Pacific region.

APCCAL was officially registered as a legal entity in Hong Kong on 2 June 2015 and Secretariat supported by HKCCA. APCCAL is a network with representation from associations located in 11 Asia Pacific countries and cities, namely China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Below are our members :

  1. China – China Contact Center & CRM Association (CNCCA)
  2. Hong Kong – Hong Kong Call Centre Association (HKCCA)
  3. Indonesia – Indonesia Contact Center Association (ICCA)
  4. Malaysia – Contact Center & CRM Association of Malaysia (CCAM)
  5. Philippines – Contact Center Association of Philippines (CCAP)
  6. New Zealand – Contact Centre Institute of New Zealand (CCiNZ)
  7. Singapore – Contact Center Association of Singapore (CCAS)
  8. South Korea – Call Center Information & Research Center (CIRC)
  9. Taiwan – Taiwan Contact Center Development Association (TCCDA)
  10. Thailand – Thai Contact Center Trade Association (TCCTA)

Every year, an APCCAL EXPO will be organized by one of the selected Member Associations for a 3-day event that include Leaders Meeting, Contact Centre Conference, exhibition, contact centre visits, networking cocktail, Awards presentation and Gala Dinner.

As our commitment to share and build strong networking across asia pacific with the spirit of communicate, share and grow. As customer we always want more and better experience. We understood it’s not easy to maintain customer satisfaction and experiences. But, with our willingness to share and exchange our research about customers, we will continue to grow together. I really appreciate for our members in various countries who give opportunities to benchmark, site visit, executive talk, and group discussions.


Business always challenge into competition, and we need to drive contact center with positive competition in this challenging economic situation. How?  BPOs, technology providers, business consultant, man power providers and associations need to collaborate and become partners to build contact center capabilities to serve our customers. Help us to maximise resources for better customers life-experiences.

Last but not least, I know you come here not just sit and listen, let’s have a wonderfull life of sharing, exchange knowledge and experiences. As association, we love to listen.

Thank you,

Andi Anugrah

Chairman (2014-2016)

New APCCAL Chairman

Andi Anugrah, Chairman APCCAL
Andi Anugrah, Chairman APCCAL

ICCA (Indonesia Contact Center Association) with Andi Anugrah representing had been nominated for the next APCCAL Chair Association. After Andi Anugrah delivered his ideas as to how to take APCCAL forward.

A vote took place and ICCA was elected by a unanimous vote for the APCCAL Chairmanship for a 2-year term.  Andi Anugrah is now the Chairman of APCCAL and would be supported by the APCCAL Secretariat.

APCCAL – Collaborate for Better Results

In early 2008 a meeting was hosted by the emerging Call Centre Association of China to promote greater regional dialogue and knowledge sharing amongst the Call Centre industry associations within the Asia Pacific region. It was recognized that cooperation amongst regional associations would help to promote Asia Pacific as a location for Contact Centres. One of the outcomes of the meeting was the creation of a regional association – The Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL) a body with representation from associations located in 10 Asia Pacific Countries / Cities, namely China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and New Zealand.

APCCAL is the largest association in Asia to help members, governments, outsourcers, research firms, solution providers in enhancing their results through best practice knowledge, award recognition and various collaborative initiatives. It is estimated that through the APCCAL associations membership that they cover some 2,500 organisations who occupy about 1.5 Million seats and employ over 2 Million contact centre professionals.


At APCCAL, we believe that the best way to improve customer experience for our members is to tap the collective knowledge and insights of our members. We aspire to provide leadership in the contact centre community through fostering teamwork, creating global networks, providing authoritative source of information and promoting Asia Pacific as a preferred location for contact centres. As a result, APCCAL is developing an array of services to fit various needs of our members and stakeholders. See the examples below for a quick guide:

Member organizations

  • Recognize your Award Winners at the Annual APCCAL Awards
  • Sharing best practices among members through cross boarder site visits benchmarking, seminars and regional networking

Providers and advisors

  • Support your needs and help you sustain your position through promoting your products and services to our conferences, awards and networking opportunities.
  • Provide you with better understanding of your clients’ needs in various countries so that your business
    development opportunities will be enhanced.

Source : HKCCA