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Welcome to APCCAL’s website.

APCCAL is an association of Associations across Asia Pacific. It was established in 2007 with objective to promote greater dialogue and knowledge sharing amongst the contact centre industry associations within the Asia Pacific region.

APCCAL was officially registered as a legal entity in Hong Kong on 2 June 2015 and Secretariat supported by HKCCA. APCCAL is a network with representation from associations located in 11 Asian Pacific countries and cities, namely Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Below are our members :

  • Australia – Auscontact Association (Auscontact)
  • Malaysia – Contact Center &CRM Association of Malaysia (CCAM)
  • Philippines – Contact Center Association of Philippines (CCAP)
  • Singapore – Contact Center Association of Singapore (CCAS)
  • New Zealand – Contact Centre Institute of New Zealand (CCiNZ)
  • China – China Contact Center & CRM Association (CNCCA)
  • South Korea – Call Center Information & Research Center (CIRC)
  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong Call Centre Association (HKCCA)
  • Indonesia – Indonesia Contact Center Association (ICCA)
  • Taiwan – Taiwan Contact Center Development Association (TCCDA)
  • Thailand – Thai Contact Center Trade Association (TCCTA)

Every year, an APCCAL EXPO will be organized by one of the selected Member Associations for a 3-day event that include Leaders Meeting, Contact Centre Conference, exhibition, contact centre visits, networking cocktail, Awards presentation and Gala Dinner.

As our commitment to share and build strong networking across asia pacific with the spirit of communicate, share and grow. As customer we always want more and better experience. We understood it’s not easy to maintain customer satisfaction and experiences. But, with our willingness to share and exchange our research about customers, we will continue to grow together. I really appreciate for our members in various countries who give opportunities to benchmark, site visit, executive talk, and group discussions.


Business always challenge into competition, and we need to drive contact center with positive competition in this challenging economic situation. How?  BPOs, technology providers, business consultant, man power providers and associations need to collaborate and become partners to build contact center capabilities to serve our customers. Help us to maximise resources for better customers life-experiences.

Last but not least, I know you come here not just sit and listen, let’s have a wonderfull life of sharing, exchange knowledge and experiences. As association, we love to listen.

Thank you,

Andi Anugrah, Chairman

Four Common Mistakes

Four Common Mistakes the Call Centre Agents Do While Answering the Calls of Your Customers

While there are multiple channels available for customers with a wide variety of opportunities for customers to get in touch with your organization be it email, social media, web chat and text messages, voice has continued to be on top of your customer’s interaction. One of the biggest challenge of your customer experience comes back down to the people who could deliver the best practices to your agents.

In a recent study conducted by Zendesk Study founded that the customers who have had a bad experience are 95% for sure going to share their worst experiences with others, where as 39% of people would prefer to avoid the vendors and choose another, and 24% of them would prefer to continue with the same vendor for two years after all the good experiences they have had with them.

The overwhelming take away from the study is it’s not that you cannot survive providing one of the best experiences to your customers, rather it’s that you would never survive if you provide a bad experience to your customers. Given below are the four common mistakes that the call centre agents do while answering the calls of your customers.


Today it’s more likely to be greeted on the other end of your phone call with a robot rather than a call centre agent. This is one of the best use of technology when it comes to improving your customers’ interaction if implementing the right IVR system. IVR are generally considered to be the most effective as they help to route your callers at the right place and at the right time. Having your customers wait for a long time would end up transferring your call from department A to department B, not giving your customers an option to talk to an agent right from the get go and end up with the frustrated customers before they actually interact with the agent.

Using a long, scripted answers as a first response to answering calls

Hi thank you for calling (Organizations name) here. This is (agents name) from (Department) and looking forward to help you today. Could I please have your account number and date of birth?

This format could be switched a bit when you deal with different companies, as this is the most common response you hear from your clients and customers. While they are busy reading the scripts, they spend a few seconds too long answering the calls, wasting enough time giving them the information that they already have without them knowing what’s the reason you have called them for. A much better approach to this would be something like this: Hi thanks for calling (organizations name). How can I help you? And you go right there…….

Reading from the scripts you have in hand

Scripts are considered to be great in the contact centres if you are helping your customers with something related to troubleshooting. You could take the customers step by step in order to see and know if the customer is missing out something. And as you were thought not to rely on the power point presentation, call centre agents in the same way must not reply on the scripts for customer’s interaction. When a customer asks you a question and the agents takes few seconds to answer then the answer here is clearly unnatural making your customers understand that your agents are not prepared to interact with them.

When Agents Become Sales Person

There is a huge difference when it comes to agents identifying the revenue opportunities when interacting with your clients and customers. It seems like you are paying extra every month when you are travelling and making use of this service. Say for example did you know that if you upgrade your plan then you get an unlimited access while travelling. Some agents continue reacting this way when they realize that they would not make any sales through the specific customer they are having a communication with, and is considered to be unacceptable to pride yourself for providing your customers with best services.

Author Bio:

Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Finance and Accounting outsourcing services. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services India delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.

APCCAL EXPO 2015 Singapore: Customer Centricity

As the host for the APCCAL EXPO Conference to be held in Singapore, the Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS), headed by its CCAS Chairman, Kenneth Chong, has started preparing for the big event. The APCCAL Expo Conference provides the opportunity for CCAS to invite the Asia Pacific Contact Centre practitioners to recognise the development of Contact Centres. As CCAS is a not for profit organization, Mr Chong would like to thank the sponsors for their continued sponsorship in support of driving awareness and best practices in customer experience delivery within the contact centre industry and across major events such as the CCAS Regional Symposium and Awards including Asia Pacific events such as APCCAL 2015.

The 11th Regional CCAS Symposium in conjunction with APCCAL Conference on 16 & 17 Sep 2015 coincides with the 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix (F1) period where hotels in Singapore are mostly fully booked and are at its peak prices. While he has managed to secure a reasonable rate at the Hard Rock Hotel at Resorts World Sentosa, he hopes that this will create more drive for the delegates to extend their stay to watch the Singapore Grand Prix.

The theme for the APCCAL Expo Conference held in conjunction with the 11th CCAS Regional Contact Centre Symposium is ‘Customer Centricity’. Over the 2-day event, there will be knowledge and expertise shared by various industry experts. Valuable insights on the Contact Centre industry will also be shared by the APCCAL Leaders during the panel discussion and case studies presented.  Booth exhibitions from technology solutions will also showcase the latest technology and products for delegates to have a hands-on experience.

According to Mr Chong, there will be at least 200 symposium participants with 90% contact centre practitioners from different countries. Based on data from the previous year (2014), the symposium event was attended by various groups, 52% of participants come from contact centre management, 37% of executives and 11% is from the specialist and contact centre consultants. Participants are grouped into 3% Technology Provider, Government 16%, 6% Outsourcing Providers, 6% Logistics, 13% of Banking and Finance, 13% Telecommunication, Transportation 9%, 12% and 9% Professional Services Healthcare Services.

APCCAL & Symposium delegates are also invited to an Exclusive Networking Night at S.E.A Aquarium on 16th September at no additional cost. The delegates can network with industry peers over cocktails and buffet dinner overlooking the panoramic view of the marine vista of the Open Ocean.

Exclusive to the APCCAL delegates, they will get to visit two award-winning Singapore contact centres and learn about their best practices to stay at the top of their game. The site visit will be to DBS Bank Limited and Teledirect Pte Ltd (Outsourced Service Provider). This opportunity is given to share experiences among practitioners in the Asia Pacific contact centres.

The closing event of APCCAL Expo Conference is the most awaited award ceremony for the contact centre practitioners from different countries. With the involvement of APCCAL members from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and including participants from the award-winning contact centres in Singapore.

The 15th CCAS International Contact Centre Awards will be held in conjunction with the 8th APCCAL Awards. The grandeur gala night will be held on 18th September at the Grand Ballroom of Resorts World Sentosa. This is CCAS’ annual recognition night to recognise the best in the Singapore contact centres. APCCAL member’s organizations and outstanding contact centres from their respective countries will also be recognized during the Gala Dinner.

This year, the APCCAL Leaders will also hold their Annual Meeting in Singapore to discuss the development of the contact centre industry and to deliberate for the upcoming APCCAL Expo 2017.

According to Andi Anugrah, APCCAL Chairman and Chairman of ICCA, he hopes that the event would get the attention of all members. As the most active association, Indonesia will send their winners of The Best Contact Centre Indonesia in 2015. Five of the top ten winners will receive an award-winning trophy in this event. And five other winners will follow all the series of events as a participant.

Contact Centre Association of Singapore is proud to host the 8th APCCAL Expo, Conference and Awards in Singapore on 16th-18th September 2015!

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CCAS APCCAL Member - no networking (price table)11 CCAS Symposium Member - no networking

Extend your stay in Singapore and catch the 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix!
For more information on the APCCAL Expo & Conference in Singapore,
please email to

Next APCCAL Expo 2015, Singapore

CCAS logo (HD)CCAS Singapore, CIRC Korea, HKCCA Hongkong and ICCA Indonesia had submitted proposals to host the 2015 APCCAL EXPO. Each of them presented their proposal and answered respective questions. A voting was conducted with CCAS and HKCCA getting equal votes.

CIRC and ICCA were eliminated and participated in the second round of voting. CCAS and HKCCA ended in a tie again. After a third round vote, CCAS emerged as the preferred host for the 2015 EXPO. It was agreed to award the hosting right of the 2015 APCCAL EXPO to CCAS.

Congratulation to CCAS Singapore.

New APCCAL Chairman

Andi Anugrah, Chairman APCCAL
Andi Anugrah, Chairman APCCAL

ICCA (Indonesia Contact Center Association) with Andi Anugrah representing had been nominated for the next APCCAL Chair Association. After Andi Anugrah delivered his ideas as to how to take APCCAL forward.

A vote took place and ICCA was elected by a unanimous vote for the APCCAL Chairmanship for a 2-year term.  Andi Anugrah is now the Chairman of APCCAL and would be supported by the APCCAL Secretariat.

Special Rates for APCCAL Delegates for CCAS Symposium in Singapore

Contact Centre Association of Singapore is extending our invitation to all members of APCCAL to our 10th Annual Regional Symposium 2014! As APCCAL delegates, you get to enjoy special discounted rates!

Symposium Fees for 2 Days:

Overseas / Non-CCAS Member: SGD 950 per delegate

APCCAL Overseas: SGD 750 per delegate

APCCAL Overseas Group : SGD 680 per delegate (minimum of 5 pax)

CCAS Member: SGD 550 per delegate (from 16th July onwards)

Early Bird CCAS Member: SGD 440 per delegate (Valid until 15th July)

Terms & Conditions apply.

To register, click here & enter “APCCAL” as your designation to activate the special rates!

For more information or enquiries on the registration, please contact our Secretariat at +65-6CONTACT (+65-6266 8228) or email us at

Terms & Conditions:
All confirmed registrations are not entitled to refunds or reversal in the event of any cancellations received (100% cancellation fee will be imposed). All rates do not include return airfare, accommodation, transportation and personal expenses.

Next Generation Outsourcing & Shared Services 2014

Chairman of Asia Pacific Contact Centre Leaders (APCCAL) Mr. Sidney Yuen is invited to give speech at the Outsourcing event from 16~19 September 2014 in Manila, Philippines. Please click Brochure – Next Generation Outsourcing & Shared Services 2014 for details and  enroll if you are interested.




APCCAL Expo 2014, Beijing – China

apccal expo 2014 beijing china
apccal expo 2014 beijing china


To lead the Contact Centre industry in Asia Pacific in helping members, governments, outsourcers, research firms, solution providers to enhance results through best practice knowledge sharing, award recognition and various collaborative initiatives.





APCCAL Conference & EXPO

28 to 30 Oct 2014, Liaoning Hotel, Beijing China

Key activities : Keynote, Panel Discussion, Contact Centre Technology and solutions Exhibition.

Participants : Around 1000 from China and overseas (Contact Centre Management Senior Executives, Contact Centre Technology in-charge, Education / Outsourcing practitioners, other  related industry professionals).



18:30 – 20:30 29 Oct 2014, Liaoning Hotel, Beijing China

Key activities

– Chinese Cultural and other Performance

– APCCAL Recognition Awards presentation

– Dinner and networking



Purpose: Promote Excellence, Mutual Learning and Networking, AND Operations Best Practice update and Innovation Sharing.

Participants: Around 120 (40 from overseas) in 3 groups

Enterprises to be visited

– Public Services (Private and Public Utilities)

– Private Sector (Banking, Insurance, Communications)

– Outsourcing, Education organisations

– Technology Enterprises