Welcome to the APCCAL 2018 Contact Center Manager Awards

Best of the Best Asia-Pacific Contact Center Manager  <100 Seats 

Best of the best Asia-Pacific Contact Center Manager  >100 Seats

These Awards are open to managers who have been line managing team leaders within a contact center for a minimum of six months.

This award recognises the leadership skills and broad range of management skills required to manage a successful contact center, including a strategic understanding of their business unit.

The winner will be able to demonstrate exceptional leadership, will show consistently high performance of the center, will be able to evidence ways they have communicated and shared the company’s vision/mission and performance results, and will demonstrate the ability to meet organisational goals while efficiently delivering outstanding services to customers.

The winner will need to demonstrate that they have successfully implemented innovative strategies that impact positively on the wider organisation and show a commitment to the continuous improvement of the contact center, its people and their own professional development.


Who can enter the 2018 APCCAL Contact Center Manager Awards?

ONLY 2018 Gold Winners of the Best Contact Center Manager Award (any size) from the following Associations:

  • China – China Contact Center & CRM Association (CNCCA)
  • Indonesia – Indonesia Contact Center Association (ICCA)
  • Malaysia – Contact Center & CRM Association of Malaysia (CCAM)
  • New Zealand – Contact Centre Institute of New Zealand (CCiNZ)
  • Singapore – Contact Center Association of Singapore (CCAS)
  • South Korea – Call Center Information & Research Center (CIRC)
  • Taiwan – Taiwan Contact Center Development Association (TCCDA)
  • Thailand – Thai Contact Center Trade Association (TCCTA)

How do I enter the APCCAL Contact Center Manager Awards?

  1. Entries Close Monday 8 October 2018
  2. Please register your interest with your in-country Association before entries  close
  3. Pay Registration fee USD$200 before entries close – payable to your in-country Association
  4. Your Association will notify APCCAL of your eligibility to enter the Awards.
  5. After your Award Registration fee has been paid, you will receive an Awards pack from APCCAL

How do I complete my entry for the APCCAL Contact Centre Manager Awards?

There are two parts to completing your entry.

Firstly, please complete the Award Presentation Pack that you receive from APCCAL, with information about yourself and answer the questions that are in the pack. When complete, lodge the APCCAL Presentation Pack via the portal link, which will be included in the pack. Please also email the completed Presentation Pack to awards@apccal.org

Secondly, you will be provided details to attend a Judging Interview which will be held via CISCO Telepresence in your capital city. When your registration has been received along with a copy of your completed Presentation Pack, you will be emailed details confirming your interview location and the date and time for your interview.

How do I prepare for the APCCAL Contact Centre Manager Award Judging?

Judging Day

Please allow plenty of time to travel to attend the Judging Interview.

45 minutes is provided for each interview.

During the telepresence judging session

It is likely that all judges will be present. A profile of each of the Judges has been provided at the end of this document. The Judges will review the information outlining your skills and experience which you have provided in your Presentation Pack.

During the interview, you will be asked questions in relation to the information you have provided. The likely topics to be included in these questions are: leadership skills, successful implementation of projects that have benefited your centre, employee engagement initiatives and results, evidence of a continuous improvement culture and an overview of your personal development plan.

You will also be given the opportunity to highlight other items you would like to include that are not covered during the discussion.

Introducing Your APCCAL Award Judges

There are five judges that will be involved in this APCCAL Award Judging process.

LEAD AWARD JUDGE Anita Bowtell (Australia)

CEO, InterAct Melbourne
Founder and Life Member, APCCAL / Life Member, Auscontact

Kathryn Starr (New Zealand)

Life Member, APCCAL

Sidney Yuen (Hong Kong)

Chairman, HBC
Life Member, APCCAL

Mike Mi (China)

Executive Director, Internet Customer Center Consortium, CCIIP Founder, China Call Center & CRM Association (CNCCA)
Founder and Life Member, APCCAL /  Executive Director, VIA FHL Foundation

Samuel Yuan (Taiwan)

Former VP, Channel Operation Management and Convergence Product FarEasTone Telecommunication Inc