APCCAL Expo 2018

APCCAL Expo 2018, Seoul, Korea

The APCCAL EXPO is the main yearly event of the Asia Pacific Contact Center Association Leaders (APCCAL), established in 2007 with the main objective to support the contact center industry, international relations and knowledge sharing of all contact center associations from all countries in the Asia Pacific. The members 8 associations in 8 countries are CNCCA China, ICCA Indonesia, CCAM Malaysia, CCiNZ New Zealand, CCAS Singapore, CIRC South Korea, TCCDA Taiwan and TCCTA Thailand.

APCCAL EXPO is the Asia Pacific Level EXPO that gathering knowledge, technology, people and all related business in Contact Center Industry together at the event. All attendees can enjoy business contact and relationship or share knowledge and experiences to each other across all Asia pacific.

Apart from the Conference, there will be the Award Night Gala Dinner that all Asia Pacific Contact Center People will enjoy and give a proud to all CIRC and APCCAL Award Winners together. Seoul, Korea is one of the best tourism city in the world, so you can enjoy many interesting places valuable or having great Korean food and also fun with shopping paradise places.

APCCAL Expo 2018 Korea

For more information, check our website www.apccal.org or email to info@apccal.org