Customer Center Industry Research Center (CIRC)-KOREA

Our Vision/Mission

Sharing Customer Center Industry information and knowledge

Association Achievements

1) Award thru Patented Unique Operations Diagnosis Tool
2) Operate the largest Callcentre Exhibition and Conference every year in Korea

About Us

Name of APCCAL Member

Customer Center Industry Information Center, Korea (CIRC)

Address of APCCAL Member

#202,  Yong-Ji Gwan, Chonnam Univ., Bug-Gu,  Gwangju, South Korea 500-757

Membership Profile

1) Contact Centre & practitioners : 500

2) Customer Center Technologies Vendors : 100

Country of Incorporation

South Korea

Date of Incorporation


Name of Head of Member

Ki Ju (KJ) Cheong

Name of Alternate Representative

Hyo-Young (Jane) Seo

Member Association Email

Member Association Contact

+ 82-62-530-0280

Member Association Website

Country Profile


South Korea

No. of seats in Country

Approx 350,000 seats

Project Growth of Contact Centre


Market Size (in $ term)

USD $11.5 billion

Key Attractions / Strength of Country for Contact Centre Industry

1) 200 callcenter technology companies

2)  Excellent operational skills that may be best in the world

3) strong training programs of agents

4) the fastest growth rates of callcenter outsourcing industry

5) standardized language (Korean)

Industry Profile (in % terms)

1) Inbound : 70%

2) Outbound : 20%

3) Blended : 10%

Primary Location

–          Seoul Area (about 80%)

Industry Statistics

1) Avg Service Level Targets : 80%

2) Avg Call Abandon Rates :  5%

3) Avg Cust Satisfaction Rate : 90%

4) Avg Staff Satisfaction Rate : 80%

5) Avg Staff Turnover (External) :  less than 5%/Mon

6) Avg Unplanned Leave Rate : 5%/Mon

Information updated on 1st September 2013