Best Friends At Work

Best Friends At Work by Andi Anugrah

One important part of employee engagement according to Gallup is Best Friend at work. According to Gallup, if someone has a friend in his workplace, it will increase the spirit at work, more diligent in the presence, and more productive.

Try to ask employees at your workplace, from an industry average of only about 30% who have a best friend in the workplace. This means there are about 70% who do not have friends in work and come to day of work just to complete the job. It may be that you who read this article do not have a best friend, because your goal in working only to carry out the task.

Anyhow human needs somebody else who can be invited to communicate or discuss about the work. Not just the relationship between superiors and subordinates or among colleagues, but who can be trusted in conveying various things. Treating us as individuals who have shortcomings, needs and development potential. Treating us as a person who needs attention, is heard, invited to talk even dreams that want to be shared with others.

For that there are times when a colleague can be invited to talk about health conditions, family, or other personal matters. There are times when we need someone to talk about new projects, new assignments or challenges in working or just talking about new passions.

Likewise, there are times when we need a partner who can listen to complaints that may not be disclosed through social media. Maybe we also need colleagues who have the same appetite or colleagues who can be invited to hang out together even hunting a new shopping or culinary. Colleagues who can share food or exchange ideas about fashion and even sports together.

With a best friend at work makes someone going to work with passion, because it will have a chance to meet his best friend. There is an opportunity to talk or have an opportunity to do certain things that become a common habit.

Instead of staying home with solitude, even faced with a pile of problems encountered, then it is better to work. In addition to earning income, also get many opportunities to channel the desire to be heard, to talk or communicate and funny. That’s one of the important parts that causes companions in the workplace to cope with turnover. The existence of a bond that keeps a person in the same work environment.

Surely this should be put to good use, so friends in work do not make political conditions in the office. Healthy competition must still run well, so that all parties remain focused to achieve the target and provide the best results for the company. It should be avoided that friends become part of an attempt to commit conspiracy which is to the detriment of the company.

Companions only become friends in kindness, which guides a person to a better direction. Achieving something through friendships will be more meaningful if we are able to provide benefits for both parties. At the same time spur our performance to always the spirit to make improvements and with friends to become better. (AA)

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