Chat Bots Substitute IVR

The presence of rapidly growing digital technology has an impact on contact center services. This is very closely related to the communication medium used in the contact center. Increased phone interaction, followed by SMS, email, web chat, mobile chat, up to the use of mobile apps and social media as well as video.

The trend of changing communication patterns, in line with the increasing interaction using chat, mainly with the presence of mobile chat applications such as whatsapp, telegram, line, facebook messager, wechat and so forth. Likewise service on the website increases by presenting a web chat, which allows readers of a website to get help or communicate with the website provider.

The chat presence evolves with the ability to chat automatically. With the help of a machine that can evaluate a sentence or word that lets the machine respond to the chat that the customer needs. This development is supported by the ability of artificial intelligent, so chat can be done by robots with a set of dictionaries that they have.

Increased chat bots cause the concern of this machine to replace the agent service at the contact center. His ability to provide answers in a variety of questions helps customers to get fast service.

Although in its application there are still many shortcomings, mainly ability to answer strange question from customer. Not all questions can be answered by chat bots, so companies tend to provide a menu on chat service bots. This service menu is very similar to the services provided by the IVR machine. The method used is not in voice commands, but in written commands.

If you pay attention to the use of chat bots, it can be found that basically the replaced is not the agent, but replaces the IVR machine. Why is that? IVR is a self-service at the contact center that customers often ignore. It could be because the process is complicated or the information conveyed is limited.

By using chat bots, if customers have trouble getting answers from chat bots, then customers can be directly linked with contact center agent. This pattern is very similar to the service pattern provided through the IVR machine.

In this pattern, we need to consider in that the ability of agents in providing services should be more advanced than chat bots. Switching calls from the chat bots service means the customer needs a targeted solution. Do not let customers get more complicated service. This means that management and agents need to prepare themselves for this technology change. Are we ready? (AA)

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