Customer Service

The Importance of Customer Service


Through one of survey, customer service has become one of the main choices for customers in choosing a product or services. This means traditional perception about prices, locations and products is not a major factor of concern to customers. For that company or organisation management should pay attention to this as competitiveness and make continuous improvement.

In the era of technology, customer service is the main concern, why is that? If you’ve experienced bad service. What did you do ? Majority you will tell your a bad experience, more often compared to a good experience. In the survey showed that more than double the customers who will tell a bad experience.

The survey also showed that 57% of disappointed customers, contacted contact center and customer service, did not get the expected service. Likewise 56% of customers are disappointed because the service is too old. Meanwhile 42% of customers said that they need to talk to more than 1 customer service before their problem can be resolved.

Other data revealed 34% of customers realized that they had to use different numbers and the services provided were less personal. Then more severity 24% of customers feel that they know more about their products than contact center agents or customer service that serves. The remaining 16% of customers stated that the website or online service did not provide accurate information.

More than that in this survey, the consequences for customer disappointment were 89% of customers stop using the product or service. Basically there are no customers who want to do business with companies that provide poor service.

With information disclosure and connections between customers through social media networks. Surveys in the UK show that about 38 million customers reveal their dissatisfaction in one year, means every second there is more than 1 customer express their dissatisfaction.

For that we need to pay attention to the use of social media. Customers affect each other in social media networks, such as those that occur in the application of twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube and other social media applications. 20% of customers use their frustration through online media.

Empowering good customer service will benefit companies or organizations. Basically people do not want to work on companies that are getting worse service. Demanded a proactive attitude to address customers. Not enough just as a firefighter over any problems that occur.

Good customer service will impact loyal customers and more than 60% of customers to buy more or more often with those who provide better customer service. Likewise customers who are loyalty to refuse to change products alias very difficult to change products, even 78% of loyal customers want to share services received.

With good customer service, the impact is not only perceived by customers. Will also affect employees. Every employee is also proud of the service provided by the company. This will have an impact on employee job satisfaction and pass the spirit to provide better service.

Well, how to realize all that. Does it demand system, technology, or procedure? What needs to be done is first, providing customer service or a friendly agent in service. Second, get information or help when needed. Third, provide special services that are more personal or know the customer and provide consistent service and build reputation. (Source: Youtube)

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