The Strategic Role of Contact Center

The role of contact centers has long been misunderstood, plagued by stereotypes, stigma, and misunderstandings. The contact center is seen to exist only to provide information, handle customer complaints and record customer requests or transactions. Even contact centers are required to report the quality of service, report the number of services and provide information about customer satisfaction.

What are all the services and reports for? Is it only to be look superior by the presence of Contact center which is available at all times with operational 24 hours 7 days a week. Or more that, we use the contact center as a gateway to customer information and communications, as well as using the information that contact centers provided for various strategic interests of the company.

The future contact center is uniquely positioned to drive growth across the business through improved product or service quality, customer relationship development and retention, and employee retention. Contact center records thousands or even millions of requests or transactions per month. Contact center activities can generate various information about customer behavior, customer or business risk. All of that could be a good opportunity to develop new products or offer added value to customers.

The future strategic contact center focuses not only on people, processes, and technological improvements, but also product development, business development, customer risk anticipation and business risk. Amid the development of mobile technology, social media, internet of things, cloud, virtual assistant, artificial intelligent, big data and various other technology development. In essence developing a model to interact with customers, trying to understand what customers want, then providing convenience for customers to transact more, using more products or more often.

Thinking about the contact center needs to measure the quality of service, just to show that the service agent is good, certainly not enough. The customer needs and customer behavior information needs to get attention as an opportunity to capture the business development potential. Complaints after customer complaints become valuable inserts, which indicate customer expectations for improvement. Therefore, the quality of contact center service is not only indicated by the Quality Monitoring Score number which reaches 80-100, but the analysis of the recording that impacts the opportunity or risk of business or customer.

It’s not enough contact center to have Service Level or response rate at 90% or even 100%, it just shows we are able to lift every incoming calls. Or it could also indicate that email or social media customers get a quick response. Beyond that, the ability of employees in providing solutions and make solutions as part of the company’s business development. Even if it is an institution or public service agency, it can be focused on development of public or community facilities as well as formulating policies or regulations that meet the needs of the community.

With a view to building contact centers that are cheaper and cheapest. It could be this view was born due to the burden or the results provided by the contact center is not maximal. How cheap is actually the contact center we expect? Is the service charge lowered to Rp7000 per call or contact or even cheaper? This effort is done with automation and forget the customer’s need to interact. It could also perform a recruitment of cheaper labor, regardless of their competence in serving and providing solutions.

It should be noted that this does not mean that all contact centers running low-cost operations will have a tendency to run operations under adverse conditions. It could happen that it is part of the effort of the institution, agency or company in running its operations efficiently. Of course that must be considered, whether the effort is in line with efforts to keep the contact center effective in providing the right role.

The potential empowerment of contact center needs to be considered to be ogled as part of the strategy. The service quality report needs to be viewed in detail of its recommendations, as well as customer satisfaction analysis reports need to be acted upon. Contact center service report with various cases handled and complete with customer behavior analysis of the product. Thus, they are part of a strategic aspect that needs to be concerned in setting service standards, developing organizational resources and developing communication with customers.

Even if there is a special departement that deals with business development or organizational strategy development, contact centers should be able to contribute to providing reports or analysis of customer interactions. Contact center is the most interacting unit with the customer, isn’t it ?

With the spirit of enhancing the strategic role of the contact center. Obviously do not let the contact center work in a pile of data and reports. Let’s make contact center a part of strategic direction. (AA)